NRG Oncology Semiannual Meeting in Houston
, TX
January 9-11, 2020
Marriott Marquis Houston

NRG Oncology Semiannual Meeting Registration is now underway.

Please Note: Meeting Times Have Changed!


  • Plenary Session: Friday, Jan. 10th, 10am-12pm

This will replace the General Session and Scientific Session. The new format will start off with updates from the Group Chairs, followed by a scientific session. No other published meetings will be held during this time.


To accommodate this change, many meetings have either shifted or moved completely as committee leaders made adjustments. Meeting attendees should double check the agenda as standing meetings may have changed times! 


  •  Meeting Registration System: Choose "New Account Profile" when first registering. The account you create will be used for future meetings.
  • Agenda book option: When registering online you will be asked if you would like us to print an agenda book. ( Thank you to our Voting PI group for the suggestion to print less!) If you don’t need a printed copy, you can let us know in advance. Information on the new mobile app will be coming soon.


Pre-Registration deadline is December 17, 2019!

Register todayPRE-REGISTRATION is complimentary for all NRG Oncology members that complete their registration by the deadline of December 17, 2019

We kindly ask that everyone please pre-register for this meeting before December 17th to avoid the $100 registration fee and long lines at the onsite registration desk. This also helps us prepare for coffee breaks and seating in each meeting room.  

Registration and meeting information is available on the NRG Oncology website.

Four Penn Center 1600 JFK Blvd. Suite1020 , Philadelphia, PA, 19103


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