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NRG Oncology Semiannual Meeting Recap
NRG Oncology Plenary Session

NRG Oncology held a new, reformatted Plenary Session at the January 2020 Semiannual Meeting in Houston, Texas, which replaced the previously separate General and Scientific Sessions.

The first half of the session focused on a review of NRG Oncology’s activities in 2019 and the goals the organization is focusing on in 2020.

The second portion of this session was a scientific-focus on immune resistence, an overview of the currently accruing NRG-LU005 trial for limited stage SCLC, a recap of the NRG-GY018 trial for measurable stage III or IVA, stage IVB or recurrent endometrial cancer, as well as a presentation on immune-related adverse events.

NRG Oncology Social Media Workshop and Twitter 1-on-1
The NRG Oncology Communications Committee hosted the NRG Oncology Social Media Workshop and Twitter 1-on-1 session. The Social Media Workshop included presentations from Dr. Cliff Robinson of Washington University, Dr. Deanna Teoh of the University of Minnesota, and Dee Sparacio a 14-year cancer survivor, blogger, research advocate, and the #GYNCSM Twitter community co-founder.

NRG Meeting Resources

Look for slides and other resources to be added the Meeting page in the coming weeks. 


Want to relive the NRG Oncology Semiannual Meeting? Follow #NRG2020 on social media and see what our attendees posted from the meeting! A special thank you to our #NRG2020 Featured Voices: 
Cervical Cancer Awareness Month Highlights


The NRG Oncology clinical trial GOG-9929 is the first study to describe the safety of immunotherapy following chemoradiotherapy for women with curative cervical cancer. GOG-9929 evaluated 21 women to receive chemoradiotherapy followed by ipilimumab (immunotherapy) at one of two potential dose levels: 3 mg/kg and 10 mg/kg to determine the maximum dose of immunotherapy.

NRG-GY017   *Currently Enrolling Patients*

Anti PD-L1 (Atezolizumab) as an Immune Primer and Concurrently with Extended Field Chemoradiotherapy for Node Positive Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer

Building on the proof of concept in GOG 9929 that immunotherapy can safely be integrated into primary therapy for node positive cervical cancer patients undergoing chemoradiation, NRG Oncology’s clinical trial NRG-GY017 will be observing the anti PD-L1, atezolizumab, as an immune system activation for women with node-positive, locally advanced cervical cancer. 
NRG-LU003 Patient Landing Page is Live! 

NRG Oncology Launches Patient-Oriented Web Pages on Trials

NRG Oncology recently started an initiative to create study-specific website pages that are geared towards patients. These pages include overview information on the trial, helpful links, study-specific and clinical research FAQs, and the ability to share these pages via social media. Our pilot landing page is about NRG-LU003 studying ALK-positive NSCLC. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to share this page as we post about it.
Thank You, Peer Reviewers

The NRG Oncology Ancillary Projects Committee would like to extend their gratitude to the members who participated in the review of ancillary project applications.

Protocol Support Committee Column 

Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

In January 2019, Lawson et al published the findings of their study “Antineoplastic Drug Administration by Pregnant and Nonpregnant Nurses: An Exploration of the Use of Protective Gloves and Gowns.” The study team enrolled participants from the Nurses’ Health Study; a data base of over 40,000 nurses. The study findings were concerning; there are well established recommendations for handling antineoplastic drugs and hazardous drugs (HDs), however, many nurses reported not wearing the minimum protective equipment (gloves and gowns) when administering antineoplastic drugs.

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